Tourism: Three facts about its relevance for Europe and the world

1. Tourism creates a great number of jobs in Europe

The tourism industry plays an extremely important role in Europe. It contributes almost 550 billion euros to the EU’s gross domestic product and provides 11.4 million people with employment. If you also count the indirect and induced jobs, tourism actually provides 26.6 million jobs. According to forecasts that figure will continue to rise, and tourism could create 4.2 million new jobs by 2027 if the political framework is right. It is a solid and crisis-resistant sector with major corporations such as TUI as well as many SMEs and family-run businesses.

2. Tourism provides stability in southern Europe

Southern Europe was particularly hard hit by the economic crisis. During the recession that followed, the tourism sector didn’t just safeguard jobs, it also created many new ones. It is currently driving growth more than any other sector – which is reflected in new investments worth billions. Stability in southern Europe boosts the EU’s overall strength in challenging times.

3. Tourist spending is many times higher than development aid

Tourism is supporting the development of education systems, jobs, prosperity and infrastructures in emerging and developing markets around the globe. These days, tourists bring around 400 billion US dollars into low- and middle-income countries and that figure will continue to rise. In comparison, the development aid budgets of all donor countries together is just 145 billion US dollars. Although that budget has doubled since 2000, the amount of funds provided by tourists has increased almost 3.5-fold in the same period. This makes tourism an extremely effective instrument for combatting the reasons for global migration.

TUI, the world’s leading tourism group, supports the positive social effects of tourism on its home continent of Europe and with a global growth programme. TUI is committed to sustainable tourism and it aims to organise 10 million holidays a year to sustainably-certified hotels by 2020. Furthermore, TUI aims to raise € 10 million per year by 2020 to maximise the positive impacts of tourism, particularly investing in projects in destinations through the TUI Care Foundation.