TUI Care Foundation: Unique projects around the world

The restructured TUI Care Foundation’s mission is to harness the positive impacts of tourism to make a difference for people and places at destinations around the world with the help of holidaymakers. It aims to mobilise around 10 million euros every year until 2020 for projects with sustainable positive effects.
Here are three examples of current projects:

Cape Verde Islands: better resource efficiency at hotels

Hotel resource efficiency is an essential aspect of sustainable tourism. That’s especially true in holiday regions such as the Cape Verde Islands, where tourism contributes over 40 percent of GDP. The TUI Care Foundation initiated a project in collaboration with the Travel Foundation NGO in mid-October. It involves the tourism sector and the local government working together to reduce tourism-related waste on the two main islands, Sal and Boa Vista, by 20 percent and to reduce energy consumption on Sal by 10 percent by the end of 2018.

South Africa: encouraging children to be more environmentally conscious

The Ecokidz environmental education programme, just a few miles from South Africa’s Kruger National Park, is educating more than 1,500 primary school children about nature conservation and species protection. Another bonus for the local community is that several dozen women and men are being trained as “Environment Custodians” – a positive stimulus in a region where the youth unemployment rate is over 50 percent.

Morocco: cycling towards a brighter future

The TUI Care Foundation has teamed up with the Dutch Pikala organisation to promote cycling as an alternative to environmentally harmful scooters, buses and taxis in Morocco. The two organisations are giving 90 young Moroccans vocational training to become bike tour guides. They also learn bike mechanic and basic business skills so that they can set themselves up independently. The project particularly focuses on training and empowering women to earn their own living – and raising awareness among the general public of the environmental advantages of cycling.

»The TUI Care Foundation believes that education provides the foundation for sustainable development. Educating young people isn’t just the key to winning the battle against unemployment, it also plants the seeds of environmental consciousness in their minds."

Thomas Ellerbeck, Chairman of the TUI Care Foundation’s Board of Trustees