TUI Care Foundation: New opportunities for local people in destinations

Tourism is the most important driver of development in many countries around the world. However, this can only be successfully sustained if the guests and hosts profit equally. The aim of the TUI Group is to maintain sustainably developed destinations that attract holidaymakers and increase the prosperity of the local community. With the international TUI Care Foundation, the travel group is expanding its social engagement worldwide alongside the German TUI Foundation. 

Reorganising the foundation

The TUI Group is represented in over 100 countries, while tens of thousands of employees live and are active in the destinations. Therefore, TUI has a close relationship with the people in the holiday destination and knows the challenges faced there. Against this background, TUI has developed projects worldwide aimed at opening up new future prospects specifically for young people, protecting nature and wildlife and strengthening value added for local people. These international activities are now combined under the umbrella of the TUI Care Foundation. This reorganisation will facilitate exchange – meaning that successful approaches can be applied in other destinations more effectively. 

"The TUI Care Foundation is committed to ensuring destinations are socially, ecologically and economically sound – both in relation to the local people and the visitors."

Fritz Joussen, Chief Executive of TUI AG 

Ten million euros per year until 2020

The TUI Group wants to expand its engagement. The levels of funding for charitable projects should be expanded by ten million euros per year until 2020. 100 percent of the donations will be fed into the projects and partnerships, while the overhead expenses of the foundation will be covered by TUI. Here are three examples of how the TUI Care Foundation is actively engaged around the world:

  • Professional qualifications in the Dominican Republic: The community in this Caribbean country benefits from increasing tourism. However, only few Dominicans have access to a good school education. That’s why the TUI Care Foundation, together with the organisation Plan, founded the SMILE Academy – an education project for 150 young people from the age of 17. The syllabus of this three-year programme includes health education as well as financial and time management, alongside practical experience in TUI partner hotels.
  • Traditional, ecological wine making: More and more winemakers in Lanzarote are abandoning their land. This is because of the laborious and uneconomical cultivation methods involved: Every single vine is protected from the wind by a hand-built wall. The TUI Care Foundation supports a project run by local organisations aimed at conserving this worldwide unique cultural heritage. It also promotes organic wine production and maximises local added value.
  • Conservation in Tanzania: Wild animals in need of protection sometimes come into conflict with the interests of local farmers. For example, fruit and vegetable fields are destroyed by elephants in Tanzania. It is not uncommon for them to be driven away with violence and sometimes even killed. The TUI Care Foundation works together with the NGO World Animal Protection. They teach farmers to fence off their fields with chilli plants and beehives – these scare the elephants away. The local community also benefits from the sale of chilli and honey.