Consumer protection: TUI is a strong partner

A new travel law enters into force in Germany on 1 July, right at the start of the school holidays. It transposes the widely discussed EU Package Travel Directive into national legislation. TUI already by far exceeds the consumer protection requirements imposed by the new law and it also offers individual tourists a free guest care package.

Package holidays are the most popular way to travel

The Germans have always loved package holidays. Every year they book around 30 million of them – which is around one in every two holidays. The new travel legislation gives package holiday consumers more rights. To ensure that as many guests as possible have access to extensive protection and a comprehensive service, TUI actually delivers more than it is required to under the law. TUI Germany also offers individual tourists who have only booked a hotel, an excursion or a rental car a free package holiday upgrade.

Maximum protection, even if individual holiday modules are booked

According to the legal definition, a package holiday must include at least two travel products. That’s why TUI has developed the new “TUI Plus Package”. Individual modules are automatically combined with TUI protection and services. This means that every individual module has the same “fully comprehensive” insurance as the traditional package holiday. The package includes:

  • Guest care: A 24-hour holiday guest care service. TUI can always be contacted directly by guests for rebookings, excursions or doctor’s appointments at the resort. The travel company has 6,500 destination services employees at 115 destinations.
  • Professional security management: TUI guests book quality – and that includes the world’s leading travel company’s professional security management. Risks in the holiday regions are minimised by security checks at the hotels, a modern crisis warning system and direct assistance whenever necessary.
  • Insolvency protection: If a travel services provider goes bankrupt, TUI reimburses guests for any services not provided, and they can also rebook.

Consumer protection eases the burden on the state

TUI is a pioneer in the tourism industry. Booking platforms selling individual tourist services have not yet managed to offer the same level of consumer protection and customer service. So TUI is a strong consumer protection partner. It also provides information to guests and organises assistance in crisis situations, which reduces the government’s workload in the area of consular services.