The Nordics: TUI’s digital innovation lab

Despite being a global organisation, TUI Group is very focused on specific customer requirements and booking preferences in all of its regions. The Nordics – including Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark – are a great example of a society that embraces all things digital – and TUI Nordic is taking advantage of this momentum to develop brand new products and services.

Innovation-friendly North

In Germany, the UK or Belgium, TUI has a strong travel agency infrastructure because almost one out of every two holidaymakers book their holiday through a travel agent. The situation in the Nordics is entirely different, with TUI generating some 85 percent of its revenue online. In fact, TUI Nordic has the highest contribution to revenue from online sales of all TUI’s national operating companies. This is a reflection of the Nordic way of life. Mobile banking services are used extensively by Finnish citizens, Sweden is considered to be a pioneer in the digital transformation of its healthcare sector and the Norwegian tax system is completely digitised. 

Test & learn is the corporate philosophy

TUI Nordic intends to focus even more strongly on digital innovations in the future and, to facilitate this, it has already adapted the organisational structures and work processes at the headquarters in Stockholm. An open and informal atmosphere, the freedom to explore new opportunities, and even the failure of some projects, are encouraged as part of the corporate philosophy. TUI Nordic’s employees are encouraged to get involved with robots, virtual and augmented reality – things which might initially seem to be unrealistic business ideas, completely independently of their everyday functions. They are driven by curiosity. For example, over 80 of TUI Nordic’s employees have had mini chips implanted under their skin. The chips replace their employee ID cards and allow them to access the offices in Stockholm and pay in the canteen. Customers also profit from the test and learn philosophy because TUI Nordic is a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence, allowing it to offer a more bespoke and personalised customer service. 

»A test and learn approach allows us to test things quickly and learn from their outcomes. It is an essential aspect of our strategy to support technological innovation. It also defines our way of working. Our people take the initiative and find purpose. They drive the momentum in our organisation and help us to keep pace with changing customer needs and preferences in a digital world.«

Alex Huber, Managing Director of TUI Nordic

Politics and business are on the same page

The digital transformation has been a key policy issue for decades in the Nordics and particularly in Sweden. Back in the 1990s the government committed to rolling out a fibre broadband infrastructure. It was a success – with 56 percent of the Swedish population now having access to fibre broadband as compared to just 6.6 percent in Germany. The next ambitious aim is broadband internet for 90 percent of all households and businesses in the country by 2020.

The only European nation with a denser fibre broadband infrastructure than Sweden is Estonia.