Curaçao: children as environmental ambassadors

The Caribbean island of Curaçao thrives on tourism. Around one in four jobs are dependent on the tourism industry. As a result, maintaining the beauty of the island so that it continues to attract holidaymakers is crucial. One challenge facing Curaçao in that respect is waste disposal. With the TUI Care Foundation’s support, the island’s citizens, particularly children, are being sensitised and waste separation measures are being implemented.

Establishing awareness and structures

Over 95 percent of the waste on Curaçao ends up unsorted on unprotected landfill sites. As a result, it often gets blown across the island. Structures for contemporary waste disposal are being established and the island population is being made aware of how relevant the issue is with the support of the TUI Care Foundation.

  • Inspiring kids to recycle: The TUI Care Foundation and project partner the Green- Kidz Foundation have developed a recycling curriculum. The two partners have been engaging with 120 teachers and almost 2,000 children in school years five to eight on Curaçao. Interactive lessons and information material in Dutch or Papiamento are used by guest teachers to explain to the kids how waste separation works and how they can benefit from a clean environment. The project includes excursions for the children to explore the island and teach them how important waste disposal is. Endowed with this knowledge, the kids become environmental ambassadors to their families.
  • New recycling processes established: In addition to its education work, the TUI Care Foundation is helping the Green Force NGO to build waste disposal infrastructures for the hotels and beach restaurants. The environmental organisation has set up several dozen recycling stations with boxes for plastic, aluminium and other waste, and is training hotel staff to separate the waste properly. The waste is collected and recycled in a contemporary value chain. Hopefully, as many other companies as possible will follow this example. The TUI Care Foundation is also supporting easy-access collecting points for the population to increase the proportion of correctly disposed-of waste and reduce landfills in the future.