TUI Care Foundation: Creating prospects for young people

Education opportunities and prosperity are improving around the world as the tourism industry expands. At the same time, many destinations are facing obvious social challenges. Through the TUI Care Foundation, TUI Group hopes to contribute to ensuring that everyone at the destinations profits from tourism. TUI Academies are an example of how TUI is providing disadvantaged young people with a positive outlook.

From vocational training to life skills

A good education is the foundation for economic and social advancement, especially in emerging and developing countries. The TUI Care Foundation hopes to improve the life chances of over 100,000 children and young people by the year 2020. TUI Academy is an important element of this plan. It collaborates with local partners at the destinations to provide children and young people with education courses, workshops and life skills training. Three examples:

Namibia: In Namibia the TUI Care Foundation has teamed up with Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Futouris initiative, which was co-founded by TUI, to empower and support disadvantaged young women. The mainstay of this project is the Namibian Football Association’s “NFA Girls Centre”, which provides the girls with a protected space where they can do sports and one year of scholastic and vocational training – e.g. in the hotel and restaurant trade.

Zanzibar: The TUI Care Foundation and a local training centre have been training young people in Zanzibar to be tour guides since early 2015. During the six months of training, participants are given language lessons and computer training. They learn to present information properly and how to turn history into storytelling. Since it was launched, 80 percent of participants in the programme have found full-time employment.

Dominican Republic: There is a TUI Academy in the Dominican Republic operated by the TUI Care Foundation and Plan International. It provides 150 young men and women aged 17 to 24 with a three-year vocational training course in tourism. The programme also covers important issues such as sexual and reproductive health because the teenage pregnancy rate in the Dominican Republic is twice as high as the world average at 21 percent. So the TUI Academy is helping young people to protect themselves from exploitation and make better-informed decisions about their future lives.