Young Europe 2017: Study reveals extremely fragile support

What do the young generation of 16 to 26-years-old think about Europe? The study “Young Europe 2017” offers different answers, for which the opinion research institute YouGov has asked 6,000 young people in seven EU countries on behalf of the TUI Foundation. Core results in the overview:

The EU is perceived primarily as an economic alliance, less as a community of values.

Eight out of ten young Greeks think that they will be worse off than their parents.

EU rejectors have much greater doubts about democracy.

Europe must be fought for anew in each generation

Sigmar Gabriel,
Federal Foreign Minister

»The TUI Foundation has presented a youth study on Europe, which is frightening and must stir us to action (...) We therefore need a new start and concrete projects that create new confidence in Europe and offer concrete added value for the future prospects of young people all over Europe. (...) Europe may not be an elite project. We do not want an ›academic Europe‹ but a ›Europe for all‹«

Put the emphasis back on joint values

Thomas Ellerbeck,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the TUI Foundation

»The value-based binding forces of Europe have long been taken for granted. But this self-evident fact no longer holds true. A Europe whose value is seen above all in the advantages of the internal market threatens to become interchangeable and arbitrary. It is therefore important to discuss the shared values of Europe. Here all social actors are required, not just politics«.