The future of work: TUI Group has a strong social partnership

How can the corporate world meet the new challenges associated with the digital workplace? The TUI AG Group Works Council and Executive Board teamed up to develop a mission statement about the future world of work within the TUI organisation. It’s proof that, even in the 21st century, the management/labour partnership is key to sustaining a company’s viability and success.

”newWork@TUI“ video


Dr Elke Eller, HR Director at TUI Group, in dialogue with Frank Jakobi, Chairman of TUI AG Group Works Council

The Group Works Council and Executive Board partners have jointly developed a vision paper entitled “newWork@TUI”. The main topics covered are:

  • Greater flexibility. Digital technology is making workplaces at TUI more flexible with document sharing, video conferencing and storage in the cloud. Physical presence at the office is no longer essential. Results are what count, not the length of time a person spends sitting behind their desk. This new flexibility is only possible in the framework of a new culture of trust. The joint paper also states that TUI doesn’t expect its employees to be constantly available. On the contrary, TUI is committed to facilitating digital-free spaces to protect its employees from (self-imposed) burn-out.
  • New work models. Employees today attach greater importance to having the opportunity to take time out from work in certain life situations. TUI intends to address this need by integrating new elective options in employee remuneration systems that offer greater flexibility in choice between money and time off. The ability to structure our work and leisure schedules more flexibly is also important, and digital technologies are the key to more flexibility at work.
  • More learning. The half-life of knowledge is declining rapidly. In less than ten years’ time, the knowledge that people started their careers with today will be obsolete. In the past lifelong learning was an option. Today it’s essential. TUI intends to ensure that its employees have the right learning opportunities available to them. However, the paper also makes it very clear that the onus is on the employee to take advantage of these opportunities. 

newWork@TUI marks the beginning of a joint approach to dealing with the profound changes associated with the digital transformation. Trust – between the employer and the employees – is the key to a successful social partnership. TUI Group is impressive proof that this partnership is just as valuable today, in the digital age, as it has always been.

TUI Group has acquired the technology startup Musement to facilitate its own digital transformation. Musement will extend TUI’s product portfolio at the destinations. It’s an open online platform where SMEs that have undergone a quality audit can offer their services, from museum tickets to boat trips and excursions.


"Anyone who has better ideas at home or in the café should work from there without a bad conscience."

Friedrich Joussen, CEO TUI Group