Dr. Ralf Pastleitner

People have a desire to travel and want to get to know other countries, and it is precisely in these challenging times that exchange and mutual understanding between tourism industry and policy makers is particularly important. The economic significance of tourism is immense in many destinations – from local employment opportunities to economic growth and public revenue. 

This was one of many topics in the focus during the visit of a delegation from the European Parliament’s ...

This year’s European Tourism Forum, an annual event co-organised by the European Commission and the Member State which holds the EU Presidency during the second half of the year – in this case Finland, focussed on “Digital Transformation as the Engine of Sustainable Growth for the EU Tourism Sector”. As both digitalisation and sustainability are key elements of our strategy, TUI was glad to be invited to join and participate in the event.

The event included the ...

TUI Group’s Corporate Office in Brussels hosted an event on the 3rd of July dedicated to TUI Care Foundation’s sustainable farming and tourism project in Crete. The “Taste Crete” project supports local farmers and producers in adopting more sustainable cultivation and production practices, and helps them to distribute their products to the island’s hotels.

The aim of the evening was to give European policymakers a vivid illustration of sustainable tourism and ...

Dr. Ralf Pastleitner

The European elections have concluded on 26 May, with the last polls closing late in the night in Italy. What this “great exercise of European democracy” (as one spokesperson put it) has brought forth will set the pace and direction of decision-making in Brussels for the coming years. The elections brought many successes and failures, but crucially also a welcome surprise: voter turnout. After turnout percentages had been on a long-term downwards trend ever since 1979, ...

The EU Green Week 2019 focused on environmental legislation and its implementation and aimed to bring insights into the benefits of such environmental regulation, identify problem areas, but also showcase best practices. The TUI Group Corporate Office EU organised a special Policy Breakfast on the 14th of May, being awarded official EU Green Week partner event status.