Dr. Ralf Pastleitner

TUI’s digital initiatives support EU goals

Digitalization is at the heart of the EU innovation policy. Commission and Parliament work on, inter alia, boosting the EU’s capacity in artificial intelligence, accelerating the development of blockchain technologies and improving the accessibility of digital platforms. This is highly relevant for the tourism sector. That is why TUI took the initiative and invited officials from the European institutions, EU Member states, tourism industry players and digital frontrunners to its new Group Corporate Office in Brussels for a policy breakfast on digitalization on 26 June 2018. The title: “Tourism of the Future: how the digital revolution is shaping tomorrow’s trends today”.

TUI’s path to digital transformation

As the keynote speaker of the event, Elke Reichart, TUI Group’s Chief Digital Officer, provided the attendees with insights into our [N1] current digital initiatives and explained how the Group's aspirations for the future will benefit the customers, the environment and the tourism businesses globally. And TUI takes action. So far main achievements are:

  • a mobile app to create an integrated experience for customers,
  • the support of AI to ensure that holiday-makers receive personalized and tailor-made offers, and
  • a pilot utilizing blockchain technology to maximize efficiency of bed management across our national markets. 

Especially blockchain as an underlying technology ensures transparency and trust as well as an immutable tracking of ownership.

More to come

The attendees discussed a wide range of topics: How can digital progress empower local economies, and combat peak-tourism? How can digital developments contribute to improved sustainable operations across the customer journey? Afterwards, all participants were given the opportunity to engage and network about digital advancements and collaboratively exchange viewpoints on the future milestones of our industry. This event underlines TUI Group’s role as a digital player in political dialogues. More future events are planned at the Corporate Office EU in Brussels to facilitate our exchange with decision-makers and influencers.

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