Dr. Marc Drögemöller

On the occasion of ITB, the world's largest travel fair, last week a number of high-ranking politicians visited the TUI Group's office in Berlin. Group CEO Fritz Joussen‍, Board members Sebastian Ebel‍ and David Burling‍, Thomas Ellerbeck‍, Member Group Executive Committee and Helen Caron‍, Group Purchasing Director, welcomed tourism ministers and ambassadors from Spain, Greece, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, Cyprus, and Singapore. The talks focused on current topics ...

Dr. Marc Drögemöller

The vineyards of La Geria on the Canary island of Lanzarote are a treat for the eyes. Traditionally each vine was protected by a hand-built wall of lava rocks to shield it from the wind. But over the past five or six years the region has come under threat as farmers abandon the land and the vines have been neglected. TUI Care Foundation supports a project to preserve this cultural heritage of traditional winemaking, by developing ecological winemaking on the island and providing locals with ...

Dr. Marc Drögemöller


TUI Care Foundation and Plan International have joined forces to launch a new initiative in Hue City, Vietnam. The TUI Academy provides vocational training to 350 disadvantaged young women and men, out of which 180 will enrol in tourism related training. Students gain practical experience through a training programme at a social enterprise training restaurant to get their hospitality careers underway. With the TUI Academy at the core of the initiative, the project also builds on ...

Dr. Marc Drögemöller

TUI Group is strengthening and expanding its presence and operations in Malaysia. The world’s leading tourism group has obtained the necessary licences from the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture in order to develop the country both as a destination and a source market. In the framework of its “TUI 2022” strategy programme, TUI is seeking to tap new growth markets and expand its business in South East Asia, with Malaysia being a crucial partner country.

In order to ...

ITB, the world’s leading tourism and travel trade show, was held in Berlin in the second week in March. According to ITB, the international travel trade show attracted a total of 160,000 visitors this year. TUI has offered its Press Lounge on the exhibition grounds for a number of years. At the same time, the management received TUI’s key partners at the Corporate Office at Pariser Platz: the Ministers of Tourism from the destinations.

Under the leadership of CEO Fritz Joussen, ...