Cape Verde: Tourism is the No. 1 Employer

Tourism creates jobs and opportunities for almost 100,000 local people and their families in Cape Verde. In total, seven tourists provide one local job. The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) predicts another 50,000 new jobs in the next ten years for the people of Cape Verde. 

A great opportunity for increased prosperity and better quality of life

"Cabo Verde is small but very varied. Our guests visit the sunny beaches of Boa Vista and Sal, go walking in the mountains of Santo Antão and enjoy the flair of the restaurants and bars with their wonderful food and magical music. Above all else, they experience Morabeza – the unique, lively hospitality of the people. My tip: Throw yourself in! We open our doors and our hearts to friends and strangers alike.

As well as offering a cultural exchange, tourism naturally represents a great opportunity for increased prosperity and better quality of life – including in areas such as infrastructure and education that are indirectly related to tourism. This year alone, we are predicting an increase in visitors of at least ten to 15 percent. TUI is our key partner in this process. In the past few years, the company has become our key investor. It is clear that TUI shares the government’s vision for Cabo Verde as a sustainable, cosmopolitan and developed country." 

Jaqueline Maria Duarte Pires Ferreira Rodrigues Pires, Ambassador of the Republic of Cabo Verde to Germany